Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Church Boyz by H.H. Fowler

This is the second book in the Church Boyz series with the first being Rod of the Wicked. The setting for this novel is in the church intertwining the lives of the Pastor and his family, Assistant Pastor and some members of the congregation who all hold personal secrets. How can you lead a congregation when you are not walking a straight line? Not known is how some secrets are connected and how they will eventually bring all the sheep in wolves clothing into the light. I enjoyed the foundation of this book and its characters. Even though this is a fictional novel, several of the situations seem somewhat familiar to many people. Either we know someone who has gone through it, or have heard or read stories about it in the news. The main characters are: Leroy and Michelle Paxton-Pastor and Wife, Mount Moriah Baptist Church; Shaniece Bryant, Assistant Pastor; Abraham Winder, Youth Minister and Dominic’s mentor; Tayah Paxton-Benjamin and Phillip Benjamin, Pastor’s daughter and son-in-law; and Dominic Housten, Chief Organist/Youth Auxiliary Assistant. I could relate to some of the thoughts expressed by a few characters. “Dominic deadpanned…. Right when Abraham was making his big announcement about the mentorship program. I couldn’t stand to hear him talk about purity and accountability when he wasn’t living any of it.” His statement said it all, I understood how disappointed and jolted Dominic felt when saw the prostitute in his mentor Abraham’s apartment. Leroy cracked a half smile. “Accountable? To men or to God? These days, one cannot afford to divulge one’s private affairs to anyone but God. There are too many wolves in sheep clothing.” Leroy expressed how many people feel about confiding in others. They will usually take that information and use it against you. Tayah: “Jeremiah 29:11 popped in her heart…. She didn’t need to read any further. Everything she was experiencing in her life was suddenly spoken to.” After reading certain verses from the bible, it brings a certain calm over me and my situation. “Plus, you had Daddy to deal with….Michelle chuckled, recalling the scene. “Because you Paxton men are dangerous men. He always said that. He hammered his words into my head every day. Don’t trust that boy; he’ll lead you to the devil’s camp…” How many times had my mother or father spoke about a young man I was dating? I can totally relate to this one. Tayah cracked a smile. “I never thought I would ever hear you quote any of grandma’s words.” “Me either,” Michelle laughed. “The older I get, the more her words make sense.” And yes, the older I get I find myself quoting some of the same quirky sayings of my mother to my daughter. My recommendation for this book is: READ IT! If you like to read church themed novels with scandals, then this is a book for you. BUY NOW!

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