Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Ex-Files by Victoria Christopher Murray

First and foremost, let me say that I LOVED the format of this novel! It gives you the chance to learn about each main character in a more personal manner.

This novel is about four women (Asia, Kendall, Sheridan, Vanessa) brought together by their Pastor to form a weekly prayer group. Asia, Kendall, Sheridan and Vanessa all have their own personal demons to contend with, let alone each other. Initially, they reject the idea, but hesitantly give in to Pastor Ford.

 Throughout their journey together as a group, each one comes to realize that the others are not as bad as they seem. I simply adored the book and all of its characters. At times I would think to myself, ‘why, girl, why?’ while reading, as if what I was reading was non-fiction.

 The main characters are Asia with her fight against revenge; Kendall with her non-forgiving stubbornness; Sheridan with indecisiveness to choose between ex-husband and new love; Vanessa with constant speculation about her husband’s death. Will any one of them be able to reach out to the other?

 I could not personally relate to the any of these women, but through Ms. Murray’s writing, I felt compassion for each character.I would definitely recommend this book be added to any collection and as a gift.

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