Sunday, January 26, 2014

Idea to Invention What You Need to Know to Cash In on Your Inspiration by Patricia Nolan-Brown, O'Reilly Media

Idea to Invention is a helpful resource book for those wishing to embark on an inventor’s journey. Ms. Nolan-Brown graciously gives insight regarding her personal experiences and the steps you need to be take for your own venture. It includes honest self-assessment quizzes, step-by-step procedures and helpful resources.

She begins her book, “I’m an ordinary person. I have three kids, I didn’t go to Harvard, I don’t have a trust fund…sold in the tens of millions…And I figured if I can do that, so can you… my precious infant tucked into her gotta-have-one-it's-the-law rear-facing car seat…Somebody should invent some kind of special mirror so you could see your kid in the stupid rear-facing car seat…my mom, the prophet from the couch, said, “Uh-hunh. Why don't you invent one? Wow. And you know what? I did.” This lets you know immediately that anyone with a simple idea can develop it into a concrete invention and share it with the world.

She also gives key points, “The journey rarely is a sprint… if you read enough you don't need to hire an “expert” at every step… What's selling? What's missing from the shelves?...useful little concept… “elevator pitch… Impeccable customer service is key.”

I believe Patricia Nolan-Brown hits the nail on the head with the insightful information she shares in her book. It is definitely worth the read.

(I received this book for free from O'Reilly Media for this review)

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