Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Serenity to Accept, Grant Us Grace Series, Book Three by Elizabeth Maddrey

This novel is the third in the ‘Grant Us Grace’ series. Book one is ‘Wisdom to Know’ and book two is ‘Courage to Change.’

‘Serenity to Accept’ is about Karen Reid and her transition from non-believer to believer. Along the way, she has many questions about God and how He works. “Why doesn’t God just fix the world? Isn’t He supposed to be all powerful?” Allison leaned forward. “He fixed the part that matters most to Him, His relationship with us….He had to send Jesus….to die for our sin. Now that the price is paid, we can choose a relationship with Him because of Jesus’ blood.” However, Karin still has doubts about the power of God.

Karin had a haunting life as a child and it resurfaces as she begins a relationship with Jason Garcia, a doctor in the hospital where she works. The only problem, Jason is a strong believer and she is not, which threatens their relationship. “Jason eyebrows lifted. But the one thing my parents have always said that we never know how God is going to use the things that happen, so until we see the whole picture, we can’t try to judge His plan”. This complicates matters, until Karin realizes that God is the only one who can help her. Will Karin accept Him into her life?

In my opinion, Ms. Maddrey has written a winner with such ease. She has penned a powerful story of love, courage and tranquility. I recommend this book for those who seek to have a better understanding of what ‘unevenly yoked’’ and Godly relationships between man and woman are. 

(I received this book for free from Chalfont Publishing for review purposes only)

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