Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ten Days Without: Daring Adventures in Discomfort That Will Change Your World and You by Daniel Ryan Day

In 10 Days Without by Daniel Ryan Day, he states, “Most of us have never experienced true need, genuine poverty, or authentically painful hunger. Our needs are met. Many of our wants are satisfied too.” If you think about it for a second, it is true. We just don’t realize it. Mr. Day has found a way for us to experience what others live through on a daily basis. Pray-Read-Discuss-Go Without is what he has done with several self and group challenges. Throughout the book he quotes scriptures, biblical references and quotes his daily journal that he attached to each challenge. He also quotes other challenge takers journals. He has found a way for ordinary persons, such as you and me, to relate to and service other people who lack simple everyday needs.
Challenge #1 is 10 Days Without Shoes: “ need shoes…we are looking for the right pair of shoes and complain because our brand-new shoes got dirty..children in other countries wear literal holes in their soles..many people in the United States also need shoes..” Would you be able to go without wearing shoes 10 straight days? Not to work, the store or gas station, NO where. Could you? Would you? 
His other 10 day challenges included not wearing a coat: “..I was wondering if you would like a nice warm dinner?...”.Are you a Christian?” “Uh, yes,” I replied…I figured you were a Christian. They are the only ones who ever give me food.”; No Media: (included no smartphone, television or internet) “…The only place where we can get away from advertisements is to go to sleep? I found this to be true…” ; No Furniture: “Day 9…I’ve heard that lying on the floor is good for your posture. If that’s true, I should have amazing posture by the time…my back and neck have needed a lot of correcting…they have been sore for the past nine days.”; No Legs: used a wheelchair…"You find out who your friends are when you end up in a wheelchair.”; No Waste: “…you’ll be amazed how much you waste in an average day. Tissues. Leftovers. Wrappers. Napkins. Packaging.”; No Voice: “Overall, Ten Days Without Speech was the hardest challenge that I did.” A teenager who completed this challenge stated, “I started realizing how annoying some people who could talk were.”; No Touch: “It was time to end, but I had to ask one more question: “How important is it for people to come visit you?” No human touch for 10 days, can you imagine how that would be? When your friends visit there is some type of touching, whether it is a handshake or hug.
After reading this book, Daniel Day makes you think about how much of a Christian you really are. Are you more self-centered or others-centered? You learn to be grateful and thankful for EVERYTHING you have, leading you to worship God in a new manner: through helping other people less fortunate than yourself. I recommend this book for all, Christian or not. At least try to complete one of the challenges as I will. If you are a Christian, it will humble and bring you even closer to God. If you are not Christian, it should fulfill that void in your life. Are you ready?

 (I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review)

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