Thursday, January 23, 2014

Tokens of Promise by Teresa Pollard

This is a fictional account of the biblical story of Judah and Tamar in Genesis, Chapter 38. The story begins with Judah rescuing Tamar from a brute husband who was trying to take her amidst the public town square.  Tamar immediately falls for Judah, but he denies his feelings for her. Judah then barters with her father and takes Tamar back to his homeland to marry his first son Er, who was promised to marry Ruah. In Ruah’s jealousy, she tells Er how his father came to rescue Tamar. She also tells a falsehood about Judah being with Tamar.

Er confronts her: “Liar!” He ripped the veil from her face. “Now, take off your clothing, Lovely Tamar, that your husband may see what has already been seen by an entire town of leering men.” During biblical times, it was forbidden for a woman to be seen naked in public. Judah hears Tamar scream, rushes to save her, a struggle with Er (who tried to kill him), an accidental fall and Er dies. Onan, Er’s brother, marries Tamar and commits suicide by self-castration. Judah still denies within himself that he loves Tamar. According to law, she is to wait for the next brother, Shelah, to come of age to marry him. So she is sent back to her father’s house to wait. What happens next? You will have to read it  for yourself. Believe when I say “you won’t be disappointed!”

Teresa Pollard has written an exceptional novel with such eloquence, grace and expression. She made me believe the events in this story were real.  I  recommend that everyone read and enjoy it as well as I did, including the Reader's Group Guide.

 I  received this book fro free from Chalfont Publishing for this review and not for monetary purposes.

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