Saturday, February 22, 2014

Six Figures by Fred G. Leebron, Open Road Integrated Media

Warren Lutz and his wife, Megan have relocated to Charlotte. Warner has begun a new job at a non-profit organization. Megan begins working at an art gallery. They have two children, Sophie and Daniel.

Warren and Megan both want to live a prestigious life. Shortly after the move, they purchase a home knowing Warren is still in the probationary period of his employment. Everything is going at a steady pace until an audit uncovers misappropriation of funds at Warren’s job, and Megan is attacked at the art gallery. With her injuries, Megan has to be hospitalized and Warren, the main suspect, is arrested. Warren may not go near Megan and will only be able to see the children under court-ordered supervision. Where will they go from here?

Megan’s mother does everything she can to keep Warren away from the children and Megan. As Warren and Megan work through their situation, Megan has second thoughts. Did Warren really attack Megan? Why can’t she remember?

Fred G. Leebron has written a mystery novel that will have you turning pages quickly. The short story starts out a little slow but picks up towards the middle of the book. It left me wondering if there would be a follow-up story. I recommend this novel to readers who like short stories and mystery novels. I received this book free from Open Road Integrated Media for this review.

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