Thursday, March 20, 2014


A “modern book of hours” is the name Sophia Stuart uses for her book of comfort excerpt quotes. There are three cleverly named section: morning, afternoon, and evening.

Sophia decided to write this modern day book of hours after being diagnosed with throat cancer. She had to take a month from work for recovery. What would be a greater recovery tool for herself and others. And did I mention the photographs?

The first section, ‘morning – inspiration’, have one-liner words of motivation. Section two, ‘afternoon – perspiration’, shares ten on-the-go activity tips. In section three, ‘evening – exhalation’, you learn to make a Kindness Kit for yourself, the benefits of drinking tea, watching movies on your laptop, and reading books. Did I mention the photographs?

Sophia has included ‘A Few Shopping Lists’. Under this heading are lists containing items you can use for your Kindness Kit, movie and television sitcom recommendations, music to listen to, and books to read.

Did I mention the photographs? If you do not like anything else about this book, you will love the photographs. They are simply fantastic. They lifted my mood immediately and are pleasing to the eye.

Thanks to Sophia Stuart for sharing her “modern book of hours” with us. It is simple, short, and sweet. I recommend this book for anyone whom has fallen victim to home recovery. I also recommend to make a Kindness Kit for a friend, family member, and yourself. I plan to!

I received this book free from the Book Nook reviewer program for an unbiased review.

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