Thursday, March 13, 2014


Brynne and Aaron are married and have a daughter named Emmy Jo. They are a happy couple and live comfortably in and outside their home.
Portland and Trent have been married for a few years and have no children. They display the outward appearance of being happy. Trent is happy, but Portland is not.

Brynne and Portland have been best friends since their college days. When Brynne invites Portland and her husband to dinner, Portland begins to feel something is wrong. She cannot put her finger on it, she just knows. At the same time, Brynne believes there is certain awkwardness about Portland.
She shrugs it off and promises herself to check with Portland later.

Brynne keeps an almost forgotten doctor’s appointment to seek help for her situation. Meanwhile, Portland discovers information about Trent she wishes she had not found. Neither Brynne nor Portland has the courage to tell the other about her problems. Their friendship is so strong; they do not want the other to worry.

Finally, they both decide to confide in each other and divulge their well kept secrets. The secrets between them hit hard. Only Portland does not completely reveal the truth about her problem. The partial disclosure puts her life in danger. Will Brynne be able to help her in time? What will this do to their friendship?

Samantha March has given us a heartwarming, yet heartbreaking novel. This is a story of a strong but tender friendship. The suspense toward the end of this novel had me turning pages quickly. No sooner than I began this novel, I was finished. I recommend this book to readers who like heartwarming short stories with a little suspense.

I received this book free from Marching LLC through the Story Cartel review program for an unbiased review.

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