Monday, April 21, 2014

A PROMISE IN PIECES by Emily T. Wierenga

Clara is married to Oliver, mother to Shane, and the grandmother of Noah. They are on their way to New Orleans for a family vacation. The rest of the clan will meet them there.

Clara begins her story of how she became a nurse for the Army Nurse Corps. She speaks of war and wounded soldiers. Clara tells her grandson Noah, some men died because they could not be treated in enough time. She continues her story reminiscing about one soldier in particular, Gareth. Before he dies, he asks Clara to help in writing a letter to his wife, Mattie. She is to deliver this letter to Mattie when she is relieved of duty.

When Clara delivers the letter to Mattie, before she can leave Mattie gives her a quilt in remembrance of their meeting. Mattie told Clara she was never able to start a family, since Gareth enlisted in the Army. Their friendship blossoms and Clara decides to use the quilt to swaddle newborn infants and embroider their names onto the quilt. The quilt will be given to Mattie as a gift, as a way to give Mattie the family she never had.

During their road trip, Oliver becomes ill and is hospitalized. Noah encourages his grandmother to continue her story while Oliver sleeps. Clara is tired, but resumes.

Emily Wierenga tells a story of love, faith, and strength of a woman full of determination. She is giving of herself to others in need. This novel is emotionally charged. It will make you happy, and yet bring tears to your eyes.  I recommend to readers of World War nostalgia.

I received this book free from Abingdon Press through the Litfuse Review Program for an honest and unbiased review.

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