Thursday, May 8, 2014

10% HAPPIER by Dan Harris

The cliché “Everything done in the dark, come to the light eventually” became Don Harris’ worst nightmare when his dark deeds began to spark June 7, 2004, a day of reckoning for the Good Morning America anchor...

At the age of twenty-eight, he began his tenure at ABC New, in March of 2000, his career ascended into war correspondent with Peter Jennings as his mentor.  After returning to the United States, covering stories in the war torn countries had taken its toll on the reporter, and Dan found solace using cocaine and ecstasy, which led to his shutdown on a national live on-air broadcast. He received medical and psychological treatment for his drug abuse. He found  drugs had replaced “the thrill of combat”, and “drama of the office war zone” had become his new drug replacement. Further, Dan’s paranoia regarding his rank in the news world and hair loss added to his arrogant ego.

Dan’s new story lines, given to him by Peter Jennings, centered on the Christian Community. Not a believer of faith, he decided to stay with this news topic after Jennings death, but found the teachings of certain leaders interesting.

 Dan discusses his inner voice that kept him on edge, this inner voice egging on his ego and insecurities, causing his continued search for peace. After researching and continual interviews with spiritual gurus, Dan found meditation the best solution to his dilemma.

If you are looking for Dan Harris’ book to be filled with drug-induced antics, it will not be there. The meat and potatoes of this book are his search and research on meditation, and his constant inner voice. He shares his interview experiences with leaders in the world of spiritual guidance, such as Ted Haggard, the Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, and Deepak Chopra.

In my opinion, this book is another ploy of Mr. Harris to bring himself to the forefront. Dan’s focus on his ego convinces me he is still looking to be in the spotlight. It is essential that Mr. Harris continue his search for peace. With meditation formulating a “10% happier” return, I encourage him to pursue a different avenue to reach 70%, at the least.  I recommend this book for readers who are considering making meditation part of their daily ritual.

I received this book free from Harper Collins Publishing through the Litfuse Reviewer Program for an honest unbiased review.

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