Thursday, May 29, 2014


Who is afraid of Virginia Wolf with two daughters named Erinn and Suzanna? They both live in Venice Beach, California. When Virginia decides to leave the east coast for California, her daughter Erinn, immediately gives Suzanna reasons why their mother won’t be able to stay with her. Erinn goes as far as to rent her guest house and take a job assignment in Cambria for a few days.

When Virginia moves to Venice Beach, she has a feeling Erinn rented her guest house and took the job assignment because of her.  Their relationship is cordial, but Virginia wants to reach out a little more.

Suzanna is happy to have her mother stay with her and her husband, Eric. This will be a good thing for their daughter, Lizzy. She will be able to spend time with her “Grammy.”

Since Virginia has been in Venice Beach, she has become very active in the community. The busy bee is an activist for saving a ‘historical tree’ in the business courtyard where Suzanna’s ‘The Rollicking Bun’ is located. In addition, she becomes involved in a project with rabbits. As if that is not  enough to keep Virginia busy, she has also two admirers competing for her attention.

Things start to get a little shaky when Erinn feels threatened, because the ex-wife of Christopher pops up suddenly. While Suzanna is concerned about a reality TV star, named Blu, who is after her husband, Eric. But, Suzanna is also facing another dilemma. An old friend from the past, Rio, appears and she is dealing with old feelings.

Celia Bonaduce’s novel of family life and relationships has a good story line. The characters are likeable and the situations believable. I believe there should have been more dialogue between the characters. I found the story to be a tad bit wordy with thoughts and description. Overall, it is an enjoyable read. There is a sample from the next novel in the series, A Comedy of Erinn, at the end. I recommend this novel to readers of family life, love and relationships.

I received this book free from Kensington Books through the Net Galley Reviewer Program for an unbiased review.

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