Friday, June 6, 2014

FABLE: BOOK 1 OF THE LORN PROPHECY by Lisa Fender and Toni Burns

“A journey that will alter everything she (Stevie Barrett) believes and propel her into another world and into another life.” This is what authors Lisa Fender and Toni Burns proclaim will happen in Fable, Book 1 of the Lorn Prophecy. Lisa and Toni do not disappoint in this interesting novel of paranormal.

A Nepalese Shaman left Stevie with the adoption agency with a message for her adoptive parents that she needed protection because she is a “unique child with peculiar talents.”  Stevie has been adopted and is now a senior high school student waiting anxiously for graduation day when one day she looks into a tree in her backyard and sees someone with glowing blue eyes, while at the same time of Stevie’s sighting her mother is attacked at work by two men with glowing gold eyes.

Stevie has recurring dreams of an ancient world, where she sees through the eyes of her birth mother unknowingly, and as her Stevie’s dreams become frequent and unmistaken reality, so does the watchful eye of her protector, Colton of Djen. Colton makes himself known to Stevie and the ancestry from which she comes. Stevie tells friends about the man from the tree with blue eyes, and together with the police detective in charge of the investigation of her mom’s attack, who suspects something from the unknown is responsible, commence on a journey to find a missing Orb to restore peace, and stop the rebellion in her alternate world.

The major theme of this book is Stevie’s strength training for battle, and the development of extrasensory perception to guide her people of Djen, a parallel city of another dimension. I found the storyline to be plausible and interesting paranormal with mystery, suspense, humor, wit, and nice descriptive scene narration. I felt as though I was in the actual woods with everyone preparing for battle and weaponry training. I recommend this book to avid readers of paranormal themes who like not only mystery and suspense, but also a little humor and wit as well in their tales.

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Lisa Fender said...

Thank you Edythe! I'm so glad you liked the book! I appreciate your shares all over the internet!