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FOUR WEDDINGS AND A KISS by Margaret Brownley, Debra Clopton, Mary Connealy, Robin Lee Hatcher

-Forth Worth, Texas 1885
Discussing his broken an engagement with fiancée Elizabeth Princeton because he and the townspeople believe she is too outspoken and not tame enough to be a minister’s wife Reverend Gregory Miller learns around the campfire that opposites do attract and often marry from his fellow clergy associates. Reverends Alden, Lynch, Dawson, and Fields are overflowing with excitement to share campfire stories of couples who seem mix matches for marriage but actually are perfect mates for each other with Reverend Miller.

Spitfire Sweetheart – Mary Connealy

Saurita, New Mexico 1879- Reverend Alden shares the story of Maizy MacGregor who is a young woman living on a farm with her father and dresses in britches carrying a six-gun instead of wearing a dress, as a young woman should. Rylan Cortens is the man whom Maizy is curious about and he warns her father for Maizy to stay off his ranch because of the dangerous cattle and occasional bear sightings. Mary disobeys the warnings barely escaping attack by a huge grizzly bear, which Rylan rescues her from causing him bodily injury and confined to a bed. Maizy’s punishment is apologizing to Rylan for the trouble she created and must wear a dress while nursing Rylan’s injury and performing his chores on a daily basis during recovery. Spending an enormous amount of time together Rylan and Maizy realize not communicating true feelings towards one another may be the wrong path taken.

A Love Letter to the Editor – Robin Lee Hatcher

Killdeer, Wyoming 1879- Reverend Lynch shares his story of Molly Everton who is a featured newspaper columnist for the Killdeer Sentinel in Killdeer, Wyoming owned by her father. When Molly learns her father hires an editor named Jack Ludgrove for the Killdeer Sentinel, she makes plans to force Mr. Ludgrove away from Killdeer and the editor’s position she wants for herself. After Molly and Jack are introduced an immediate attraction between the sassy tongued columnist and the cool natured new editor is unsettling for Molly because of her dislike of the situation regarding the editor position at the newspaper. Jack made it clear to Mr. Everton he will not stay in Killdeer more than two years at most but his feelings for Molly are giving him second thoughts to stay.

A Cowboy for Katie –Debra Clopton

Midway, Texas 1871- Katie Pearl is known as Crazy Katie by the townspeople in her hometown because she has not been the same after being trapped for several days with her grandpa who died in the storm under the rubble of the ranch house due to a horrific tornado that hit the town.  The single men of Midway offer to marry Katie in order to take control of the property left to her by grandpa but Katie chases them yielding and shooting her gun. Katie hires a ranch hand named Treb who recently drifted into town looking to make money for his planned travels to other states to assist in rebuilding her home. As Treb works the ranch rebuilding the house, he discovers the basis for Katie being aloof around other people and justification behind her constant apprehension of entering buildings.

Courting Trouble – Margaret Brownley

Lone Pine, Colorado 1882- Brock Daniels is a lawyer in Lone Pine who is taken aback by a young boy named Jesse Morris wanting to retain his services to defend his mother currently in jail awaiting trial for the murder of her husband Billy-Joe. Jesse explains her current legal counsel representing several defendants in the past hanged and does not believe current counsel is the best choice. Brock accepts the criminal case of Grace Davenport and Jesse offers to work as his assistant for the courtroom juried trial. Three days of testimony from several witnesses convinces the jury to deliver a not guilty verdict for the murder charges brought against Grace Davenport by the town sheriff. The citizens of Lone Pine are relentless in believing that Grace murdered Billy-Joe and should pay for her crime but Brock and Jesse discover a witness perjured himself during his testimony regarding the final moments of the victim’s last night.

The Reverends conclude the campfire discussions and storytelling leaving Reverend Gregory Miller to make an assessment concerning the broken relationship with his fiancée and evaluate the collective advice shared with him by his clerical colleagues.

Four Weddings and a Kiss is a collection of four short stories of seemingly complete mismatched couples at first sight. These short stories are conveyed with such tenderness and grace that instills heartwarming emotions for the main characters involved in beginning relationships. I recommend reading this novel for avid readers of historical western romance who want an easy read for a lazy or rainy Sunday afternoon.

I received this novel free in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion from the Litfuse Publicity reviewer program.

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