Monday, June 30, 2014

IF I SAY YES by Brandy Jellum

Liza Winter being employed as a literary agent in the Romance department of Harder’s Literary Agent House wants nothing more but to return to her previous station in the Horror and Thriller genre department. When Liza is denied her request to return to the Horror and Thriller department, she learns that her new boss will be Reid Harder Junior whom she detests but cannot stop thinking about his smile. Reid asks Liza out for drinks after work to discuss adjusting to the Romance genre department and refuses the invitation causing Reid to demand Liza have three potential authors ready to sign with Harder’s Literary Agent House by three o’clock or he will speak to his uncle about her departure. Before three o’clock Liza remits her resignation to Reid and he refuses to accept allowing her another opportunity to meet for drinks at the club Gravity to discuss strategy for her position regarding the romance genre department. Liza apprehensively accepts the invitation because of past memories that resurface resulting in her running from the club in tears over a distressing incident six years ago. Meeting Reid at Gravity becomes the nightmare Liza tried to avert from occurring and flees from the club out the rear entrance down the alley to her home without any explanation to Reid. Reid’s sudden appearance everywhere Liza travels has an unnerving emotional impact about the situation when he divulges to Liza the heartfelt affections he has concerning her.

Liza Winter begins receiving threatening emails detailing her every move from an unknown person regarding her past life that she intricately safeguards with an unexpected disappearance changing her name from Elizabeth Lewis and physically changing her hair color since her father murdered her mother six years ago without leaving the city where she lives. The unknown person who knows her secret life as Elizabeth Lewis devises a blackmail plot to reveal her identity and harm to Reid unless she discontinues her rendezvous’ with the Literary Manager immediately. Liza continues her relationship with Reid against the warnings of her stalker regretting the decision after the stalker revealing themselves detains her, Reid, and her best friend Elias in the house where her father murdered her mother.

This romantic suspense novel has a very explosive story line yet it was seemingly difficult to connect emotionally with the main characters, which would have been superior with a slower development of character interactions. This book is well worth the read and I recommend this novel to avid readers of romantic suspense thriller fictional books who want a quick book to read on a lazy day of the weekend.   

I received this book free from CLP Blog Tours in exchange for an unbiased review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.


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