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LOVE IS A SECRET - Sophie King Blog Tour Kick Off!

Love is a Secret by Sophie King

Magazine journalist Caroline is finding life tough since her husband had an affair ...

Maybe, thought Caroline, studying Diana furtively as the editor dissected the beauty editor’s ideas on non-surgical face lifts, it was easier not to be married. Diana was a single mum, an elegant,  contented one. She had a younger boyfriend in advertising with whom she didn’t live, and a nine-year-old son at an expensive private day school in London. She was always impeccably groomed with her hair cut in a spiky black style, and her clothes were generally from East. She had enough empathy with her staff to understand when things went wrong – not that she knew anything about Roger – and enough grit to demand action when it was needed.
Marriage would probably destroy her.
‘Right. Moving on to Parenting.’ Diana’s nails – French-manicured – drummed on the pad in front of her. ‘I want to get more relationship-y. This page is beginning to focus too much on the poor-little-me side of parenting. Don’t you think, Zelda?’
‘Depends how you see it, really.’ Zelda glanced nervously across the pale beech conference table at Caroline. ‘Actually, we’ve got a great idea here. Are mums becoming selfish?
Diana pursed her impeccably lined lips. ‘Exactly what I don’t want. Anyway, Just For You did something similar last month. I want to help readers get through the impossible stuff that happens in their lives.’
‘Like bad sex,’ ventured the girl from Practicals. A titter ran round the table.
Caroline cleared her throat. ‘What about How to rewire your dead marriage?’ The What Mums Know discussion topic – she’d spotted it after her laptop had unfrozen itself on the train – had ironic potential.
‘I fancy Infidelity,’ mused Diana.
Caroline’s mouth dried. ‘What angle were you thinking of?’
‘Did you see that new survey about marriage? No?’ Her eyes narrowed with disapproval. ‘Pity. One in four couples who have experienced infidelity are now trying again to make their relationship work compared with one in seven five years ago. I want you to find me three case histories who’ll come clean. Yes, Zelda, identified with pics. Women who can say that their husband had an affair but are prepared to start again.’
‘Men, too?’ demanded Zelda, sharply.
‘If you can get one.’
‘I know this isn’t my area,’ drawled the beauty editor, ‘but nowadays that just doesn’t happen. My brother-in-law had an affair and my sister threw him out of the house before he could pack his iPad. Any self-respecting woman would do the same.’
‘Not according to the marriage expert quoted in the survey.’
Diana’s fingers were drumming again. ‘What do you think, Caroline?’
‘I think it’s going to be tough to find people who’ll be identified,’ she said quietly.
‘Try online.’ Diana tossed her hair dismissively. ‘Find some self-help group. All kinds of idiots want to be in print. I don’t need to tell you that. Pay them a hundred each. Two if you have to. There’s got to be someone out there who’ll talk.’
Caroline glanced at Zelda, whose face shone with unspoken sympathy. Poor you. She didn’t know or she wouldn’t have suggested it. Are you all right?

About Love is a Secret

Love is a Secret: Sophie King brings us another heart-warming and witty romance. Four very different people meet online through What Mums Know, a new website for mothers. But none of them is quite who they seem. Little do they realise that when they start to share relationship and parenting secrets, their lives will never be the same again.

Caroline is finding it difficult to trust her husband Roger. Can a marriage really survive an affair? Then a chance meeting makes her wonder if it's time for a fresh start ...

Susan is struggling to bring up her disabled daughter Tabitha on her own, and dreams of a better life for them both. But just when it seems things can’t get any worse, a knock at the door changes everything.

Mark is learning how to be a single dad while his wife Hilary is away. But as he wrestles with the secrets he is keeping from his family, he’s blissfully unaware of the secrets they're keeping from him.

Lisa is looking forward to the birth of her child. Will a new baby help her get over the past? Whatever that is ...

Sometimes you have to keep a secret from the one you love - and sometimes you have to keep the one you love a secret.

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