Monday, June 2, 2014

MOM'S NIGHT OUT by Tricia Goyer

Allyson is a super clean freak, mommy, and blogger whom now is having trouble beginning a post for her blog. Allyson admits she does not have control in her everyday life, as she would like when her husband is away.

Sondra, Pastor Ray’s wife, is Allyson’s go-to person since joining the church six years ago, and everybody else has chosen her to be there go-to person also. However, Sondra, with no one realizing, has her own issues with her daughter. Izzy, her best friend, has a secret she has been keeping to herself for a short time.

With Allyson’s everyday issues, Izzy’s secret, and Sondra’s situation with her daughter’s growing pains, it is decided there will be a mom’s night out on this coming Saturday. Everyone agrees it is time to go out to have fun and relax without kids or husbands. However, the husbands are a little worried babysitting the children without mom around. What could possibly go wrong? Anything and everything.

After being asked to leave the restaurant because of a disturbance, Allyson, Sondra, Izzy leave to assist Bridget, Allyson’s sister-in-law. Bridget’s son has come up missing and they set out to find him. Going to their van and finding it missing, they enlist the help of a taxicab driver. The first place on the list leads them to a tattoo parlor and an owner named Bones. After explaining the situation to Bones, he helps them look for Bridget’s son. From this point, everything goes haywire, and the mothers, Bones, and the fathers end up in a police car chase when they spot the missing van.

This novel is full of events that will have you laughing, and wondering what you would do in the same situations. If you are married, you will wonder whether not to leave the children with your husband babysitting. There were some surprise twists with Sondra, Pastor Ray’s wife, that I did not see coming. I recommend this book to readers of family themed novels.

I received this book free from the Litfuse Publicity Reviewer Program for an honest and unbiased review.

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