Tuesday, June 24, 2014

SEAL TEAM SIX: Hunt the Falcon by Don Mann with Ralph Pezzullo

John and Lenora Rhinehart have a son named Alex who is autistic with an exceptional high IQ. John, an economic counselor for the United States Embassy and Lenora an administrative assistant for the CIA are killed along with other officials in Rome Athens, Mumbai, and Cairo. The method used was a magnetic device attached to the rear bumper of their vehicles by terrorists riding motorcycles. Alex is told of his parents passing and decides to never again communicate verbally or interact with people.

The original team of Black Cell members Crocker, Davis, Ritchie, Mancini, Cal, and Daly are on assignment with seven new additional machine gunners when three of the seven new members, Douglas, Phillips, and Jake are injured during the mission and sent back to the United States for medical attention and recuperation.

Several missions and injuries later, Crocker, Mancini, and Daly are captured and tortured and Crocker devises a plan of escape releasing him and the other Black Cell members. Upon arrival on United States soil, Black Cell must follow the directive by the Commanding Officer for a mandatory vacation of six weeks before their next assignment. After the much-needed vacation, Black Cell receives a new assignment that leads to Alizadeh who is responsible for the vehicle bombings of United States Officials and a private personal visit with the son of John and Lenora Rhinehart.

The third installment of the SEAL Team Six series has several additional action and adventure fighting mission scenes than the previous two novels.  While enjoying this episode of adventures for the Black Cell team I felt there was an excessive amount of missions for just one novel. I recommend this book to readers of inside military works and those with navy seal adventures interest being it is an enjoyable read.       

I received this novel free from the Net Galley Reviewer Program in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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