Monday, June 23, 2014


Jake McCallum captain of the Contessa 450-foot cargo ship is sailing with his wife Tanya and crew off the east coast of Africa when pirates seeking money and valuables hijack the cargo ship. The pirates retrieve money from the ship’s safe and were about to assault Jack’s wife when three Middle Eastern men with weapons appear requesting to see Jake’s cargo area bringing everything to a halt.

Meanwhile, Crocker and his team of Ritchie, Mancini, Daly, Davis, and a new member Calvin are on assignment in South Yemen to destroy a target named Ahmed. With their target in sight and ready to take action, headquarters aborts the mission and flies the team to the Gulf of Aden for a new assignment with need-to-know basis instructions. Crocker and his team of SEALS retrieve command of the ship and its super secret cargo from the terrorist pirates.

After the latest assignment, the team enters a footrace in Morocco for the next training exercise forcing withdrawal half a day from completion of the race for another mission located in Libya. In addition to the new Libya mission, Martyrs of the Revolution group for ransom abduct Crocker’s wife Holly who is a United States official and he must contend with the situation although he is not assigned to the rescue mission.

The next novel in the SEAL Team Six series is for a second time full of action and adventure as the team seeks and destroys targeted assignment activities. I am looking forward to reading the third and fourth installments, SEAL Team Six Hunt the Falcon and SEAL Team Six Hunt the Jackal of this four book military action and adventure series. I recommend booklovers of military engagement and escapades read the complete series of books even though each book reads as a standalone novel in its own right.

I received this novel from the Net Galley reviewer program in exchange for an honest an unbiased opinion and review.

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