Monday, June 9, 2014


After Ruby Jewell’s sister passed away, she wanted to breath her last breathe as well. Hating everyone and everybody after her sister’s death, all of a sudden the anger and hatred were gone, just as it had all suddenly materialized. Changing her field of study from law to floristry was how Ruby pulled herself out of depression and despondency.

Ruby has the magical touch when it comes to the art of arranging flowers and a magical touch bringing unsuspecting individuals together. Long time customers depend on Ruby to present beautiful flower arrangements for all their functions and events since she has advanced knowledge of flowers and their effective benefits. For instance, Ruby added the color orange to a floral arrangement given to Jenny Seale by her boyfriend when she was in the hospital. “Because orange is a gentle energizer and helps strengthen the immune system” Ruby believed it would help Jenny to a speedy recovery.

Ruby never considers her own loneliness or having no companionship, until Captain Dan Miller, a retired astronaut and a man whom she admires, asks her to a gala event he is attending. Ruby and Dan’s friendship begins to flourish leading ultimately to a marriage of love and happiness for the delightful couple.

This novel is full of charming sub plots of individuals who are in need of outside motivation in their personal situations, and Ruby steps in to assist matters along. The book with its many technical floristry terms hopes to draw you in to a heartfelt drama with the stories of persons needing or wanting companionship. I enjoyed stories of the people Ruby aided, nevertheless would have loved reading the preparation of Ruby’s own wedding nuptials. I recommend this novel to readers who like descriptive floristry details, and fictional stories of finding romance, love, friendship, companionship, and peace of mind.

I received this book free from the Net Galley Reviewer program for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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