Thursday, June 12, 2014

THE FARM by Tom Rob Smith

Daniel’s parents, Chris and Tilde living in Sweden since their retirement, receives a call from his dad concerning his mother. Chris believing his wife is to be mentally unstable, feels he has no other recourse but to place her in an institution. The news of his mother’s predicament startles Daniel and he then informs his father he will take the first flight out to Sweden in the morning. Upon arriving in Sweden, his mother had been previously released and waits for Daniel at the airport to return to England.

Daniel did not know his mother was in trouble because she sent emails expressing excitement of the beautiful countryside where she lived. Her emails began to dwindle and Daniel dismissed it to Tilde finally settling into her new life on the purchased Sweden farm for retirement purposes. The last communication he received simply said, “Daniel!” Daniel did not consider the email alarming, only assuming it had been incomplete and sent erroneously, now wondering if it was a cry for help.

Tilde now in England, explains her conspiracy theory of Mia, a missing local girl in Sweden to Daniel hoping he will understand and believe her with the minute pieces of evidence she gathered. The evidence presented is accusations against her neighborhood denying involvement of Mia’s disappearance. Daniel is unsure of his mother’s suspicions and convinces her to seek help by being admitted to the hospital. Daniel begins to reiterate Tilde’s story in his mind deciding to investigate Mia’s sudden disappearance by returning to Sweden. Daniel’s arrival leads him to an unexpected discovery regarding Mia and startling information in connection to mother. Has Tilde come upon a town community conspiracy of murder, or has Tilde’s rational state of mind become erratically unbalanced?

Tom Rob Smith’s novel full of suspense and good quality mystery will have you quickly turning pages and making conclusions of Tilde’s conspiracy theory and mental competency. I recommend this novel to suspense, mystery, and drama lovers. Set aside an hour or two for reading as needed, given that once started you will not stop this easy read until reaching the end. At least, that is what happened to me.

I received this book free from the Net Galley Reviewer program for an honest and unbiased opinion.


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