Monday, July 14, 2014

DESTINATION WEDDING by Deanna Lynn Sletten

Claire Martin is owner of the Belle Boutique in Ann Arbor, divorced four years from ex-husband Jim, currently dating Steven for two years who recently asked Claire for her hand in marriage, now must prepare to travel for her daughter Mandy to wed on the upcoming weekend in the Bahamas. Claire did not give an immediate response of yes to Steven but informed him she would use the time while in the Bahamas for Mandy’s wedding to consider his marriage proposal.

Claire is unnerved with her ex-husband Jim and his wife Diane attending the nuptials of their daughter Mandy, but  Mandy is hopeful in thinking her parents will be civil towards one another long enough to make it through the week long activities and her big wedding day festivities on the island without confusion or any mishaps. Mandy’s wishes soon become a nightmare when Diane does not accompany Jim to the island for the wedding bash and the Bahamas hotel hosting the wedding makes a mistake in the room reservations forcing Claire and Jim to share a hotel suite against their better judgment causing Claire’s old wounds about her divorce from Jim to resurface.

Destination Wedding is a novel of past, present, future, and new love that sometimes does not always go according to plan and taking a person for granted does not help a situation in anyway. This novel is straightforward with a relatable universal story line and main characters that are more mature in age than the average romance novel and recommend that everyone read this talented work of fiction.

I received this book free through CLP Blog Tours in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines


Samantha March said...

Thanks for sharing your review!

Deanna Lynn Sletten said...

Ooops - sorry. Didn't see the review here too until now. Thanks so much!