Monday, July 21, 2014

FRENCH TOAST by Glynis Astie

One man, one woman, three bridal gowns, three wedding ceremonies, and two families prepare for the weddings of the century as Sydney and Louis repeat their vows again, again, and again to satisfy family in two different continents. Sidney Bennett meets and falls in love with Frenchman Louis Durand whom she married three times with the first being a rushed ceremony planned by her mother to avoid Louis being deported. The second ceremony against a beautiful backdrop in Monterey, California had to be rescheduled, as her mother-in-law wanted the wedding she was in the midst of planning to happen sooner than later pushing the Monterey location Sidney has always dreamed of to last on the list.

The French countryside event includes a  week long activity itinerary prior to the ceremony involving both families, friends and the ex-girlfriends of Louis who treat Sydney horribly and whom his mother still has close relations. Sidney worries that not knowing the French language she will feel out of place causing embarrassment to Louis as his new American wife. Sidney’s worst nightmare is recognizable as she is rescued from the planned mischief of the scheming exes by Louis’s favorite cousin named Simone and Sydney’s friend Maya who relish in the carefully calculated counter attacks against the “Ex-Pack.” Sydney has further reservations whether their decision to wed so quickly after seven months of meeting each other will sustain once the wedding ceremony begins and the family antics begin. Will the Durands attend the Monterey ceremony in America despite any mishaps that take place in France or will the Durands ignore the invitation to participate in Louis and Sydney’s wedding?

French Toast is the second installment in a series by author Glynis Astie that reads as a standalone novel but there is additional details and information if you read the first installment named French Twist before reading French Toast. This novel has a refreshing story line and is a fun, enjoyable read that will make you laugh, and leave you with a feeling of a little exhaustion as Sydney shares the preparations taking place for multiple wedding ceremonies. 

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