Wednesday, July 30, 2014

HUNGRY MOTHER CREEK by Heather W. Cobham

Maya tries unsuccessfully to convince her husband Steven to delay his trip with friends to New Orleans for the weekend because of the impending hurricane headed straight for that area. After living in Raleigh, North Carolina since Hurricane Katrina and Steven’s death Maya and her sister Kate plan a retreat in Oriental, North Carolina. Maya likes the town where she is on a retreat and decides to move into the small community with its serene and calm setting different from the noise of the city where she lives.

Maya is received and accepted into her new community and invited to join a special group that shares self-healing testimonies in a secluded area of Hungry Mother Creek started by the Neusiok Tribe women who were early settler inhabitants. Friendships grow from the group especially with her landlord Hazel who is leader of the spiritual ritual. Other friendships outside of the group is with Bay who is bossy and does not have many friends in Oriental and Travis who teaches Maya the basics of kayaking and who holds a personal secret. These three individuals help Maya learn the healing process to overcome the guilt she has over her happiness after Steven’s death and their broken marriage and the meaning of sisterhood among women.

Hungry Mother Creek tells the story of broken marriage, handling the death of loved ones, and relationships in a steady paced plot. Even though the character depth was there in the main character of Maya, for some reason I could not connect emotionally. My favorite character was Hazel the property owner with her motherly and quirky ways. However, I recommend to booklovers of drama novels looking for a relaxing read.

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