Thursday, July 31, 2014

LOVE ME ANYWAY by JL Redington

Forest Ranger Greyson Beauchene is Park Ranger for Denali National Park and a serial killer has left his mark of a sealed casket in a secluded area of the park found by a group of three men hikers. Beauchene contacts the Governor who in turn contacts the FBI who sends Profiler Aspen O’Connell and two agents named Shayne Maddox and Tim Duncan to the crime scene. Greyson and Aspen immediately clash over Aspen’s abrasively rude manners and demanding orders to him and his associates Grant Mulvane, an Alaskan Native tracker and Tony Sampezi, an emergency survival skills expert.

While the combined teams hunt the ‘Evergreen Killer’ gathering evidence to apprehend the perpetrator, the turbulent working relationship between Greyson and Aspen begins to smooth out the rough edges as the Evergreen Killer changes horses in the middle of the stream causing chaos and confusion in the FBI investigation. The serial killer decides he wants to add Aspen to his list of victims because she is closing in on finding his true identity and his reasons for the slayings of his victims that eventually puts the team in danger.

JL Redington’s novel if full of mystery, suspense, and action adventure as she takes you through the efforts of a determined FBI profiler who is the best in her profession to capture the deranged killer. You will not be disappointed with this thriller as you constantly turn the pages to see what is happening next with Greyson and Aspen or Grant, the Native tracker, who can smell the scent of the Evergreen Killer. I recommend to all thriller and suspenseful mystery aficionados to read this novel when you have the time to read straight through because you will not want to put it down until the end (at least, that is what happened to me).

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