Sunday, July 27, 2014

THE PROOF by Cheryl Colwell

Gabriel (Gabe) Dolcini is an Art Professor at U.C. Santa Barbara and has nightmares seeing his sister Angelica killed in a mudslide during a hiking outing with his father for the past twenty-six years. In addition to his teaching profession, Gabe entered an art gallery competition hoping to win the coveted prize money to save his mother’s home from foreclosure after he mortgaged it to finance his personal art instruction. Winning second place leaves Gabe in dire straits along with inappropriate conduct with a student allegations brought against him forcing an involuntary leave of absence and a long overdue visit to Italy to meet his rich grandfather Conte Louis Dolcini whom Gabe’s father denied communication of any kind.

Louis arranges a private art gallery showing for all the top echelon from art collectors to grandioso museum curators presenting Gabe’s artwork, which very well received. Meanwhile Louis has trouble convincing Gabe that his predestined future as a custodian of the “Il Testamento (The Proof)” proving that God lives and Jesus existed awaits him by seeking its recovery using an ancient map handed down by previous generations of Dolcini family members, but Gabe who lost his faith when Angelica has yet to regain it. Eventually, Gabe and his cousin Livia begin the search and face danger from modern day opposition groups Dead Knights associated with ancient organizations Knights Templar who want possession of the religious artifact to rule over multiple religious orders for monetary purposes while the Soci want to destroy the precious item to stop idolatry worshiping.

This novel intertwines fiction and non-fiction facts regarding the Knights of Templar and religious artifacts found believing that the items were in existence during and after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This Christian fiction novel is very much worth the read as Cheryl Colwell conveys the story in a suspenseful and mysterious tactical approach leading to the last chapter, which brought tears to my eyes.

I received this novel from Book Crash in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

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