Thursday, August 28, 2014

BLUE MIDNIGHT by Tess Thompson

“Are the panties for wearing or flossing my teeth?”
–Text from Blythe to her sister Bliss
“This gift unsettled me more than the wrinkles, gray hair, and subsequent makeover. I stuffed it all back in the bag.” 
–Blythe Heywood Graham

Blythe Graham is freshly divorced and packing the last of her possessions found in a drawer when she discovers a scrap of paper with Finn Lanigan’s phone number from the three-day folk music festival she attended before her marriage to Michael. She begins to reminisce of her time with Finn, decides to telephone him for old time’s sake, and finds the number belongs to a new customer.

Meanwhile, Blythe’s sister Bliss conveys the message that Blythe needs a makeover and re-ignite her passion for photography with her newfound freedom by vacationing in the same place as the folk music festival she attended years ago. Bliss makes reservations at a bed and breakfast inn for Blythe along with a complete makeover of clothing, hair, makeup, and a new car for her vacation adventure while her children are away for three weeks with Michael in Hawaii. Arriving in Idaho Blythe makes inquiries about Finn discovering startling information regarding the Lanigan clan having her think revisiting the past stirring old memories might be a regretful choice.

Tess Thompson writes a mystery tale of lost love, newfound love, and family relationships that exposes family secrets, blackmail, and murder in the Lanigan dynasty. A compelling story full of emotions and drama is a recommended read for mystery suspense booklovers to place on their reading lists as the author has penned another gripping plot twisting end novel.

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