Monday, August 18, 2014

OPEN MY EYES by Jennifer Collin

Emily Evans is in the middle of a divorce after catching her husband Geoff cheating with a woman named Cassette (Cassie) who is now working as a barista at Bean Drinkin’ coffee shop owned by Emily’s ex-boyfriend Ben. After the devastating discovery about her husband, Geoff Ben began dating Emily, which resulted in him expressing his love for her, and in turn, she fled with her brother Andy and his rock band to Japan to escape facing her feelings for Ben.

In Japan Emily discovers she is pregnant, returns home at the encouragement of her friend Annie to inform Ben of her present situation, and finds Cassie working at Ben’s Bean Drinkin’, which complicates the matter at hand. Ben hires another employee named Robbie who becomes fast friends with Emily’s brother Andy that Annie becomes suspicious of his character and later Ben becomes suspicious of his new employee as well when the coffee shop is burglarized.

Charlotte who is Emily’s sister accidently tells Ben of the pregnancy before Emily has the chance to tell Ben herself before he begins dating a woman named Hayley causing further complications. Emily believes she is not able to be a good mother to her unborn child and is consistently comforted and encouraged by family and friends that everything will be alright who plot to bring Emily and Ben together again as a couple.

Open My Eyes has a relatable storyline with several mini-plots within its pages that keep the reader engaged wondering what is next to come concerning the Evans siblings.  The constant crying and self-doubt of the main character Emily regarding her pregnancy is the only drawback along with additional editing would have made this novel very impressive. However, I recommend to chick lit, romance, and drama genre lovers for an easy read on a lazy day weekend that will satisfy your book loving appetite.

I received this book free through CLP Blog Tours in exchange for an unbiased and honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission.

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