Sunday, August 17, 2014

THE PASTOR'S KID by Barnabas Piper #PKBook

"….change and progress does not remove me from the reality of being a PK. Once a PK, always a PK. It is an indelible mark.” –Barnabas Piper

“They want the PK to dress like a grandparent and behave like Jesus. But they also seem to wait for the time when a pastor’s daughter makes out and the son drinks beer.” –Jeremy Noel, PK 

Barnabas Piper lays it above, on, and underneath the line regarding the many misconceptions of pastor’s kids (PK’s) and the struggles, these children have with living up to their roles observed in the eyes of other people as Godly and holy because their fathers are pastors. He discusses how PK’s are normal kids and sinners like everyone else from the time of being born until reaching the decision to know Jesus on an individual basis that is not automatic because of the relationship status they have with their pastor dads.

“Beyond being well-mannered, all-star kids, PK’s aren’t allowed to not know the Bible….At eight years old, the course was set, the identity determined. John Piper’s son is a Bible answer man.” Barnabas Piper recalls in one of many instances when the Sunday school teacher called upon him to answer questions after the class fell silent asking, “Barnabas, you want to give it a guess?” The pressure placed on these children from such a young age is unfathomable to an outsider looking in who stands in judgment of the knowledge and behavior of the pastor’s family. Included in this straightforward personal insight to life as a pastor’s child are comments from other PK’s on the subject and an Appendix entitled, ‘SEVEN RULES FOR WHEN YOU MEET A P.K.”

Piper’s frankness and truthfulness is met with a bit of humor that sheds enlightenment on this unspoken subject when people scrutinize the behavior and every movement of pastor’s kids because of who they are. This book is a necessary read for everyone and especially recommended to any church-going congregation member of any faith. If you think you know your pastor’s kid think again, grab a copy of this book, and let Barnabas Piper set the record straight.

I received this book free from the publisher through the Net Galley reviewer program for an unbiased opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

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