Friday, August 22, 2014


“As a creature of habit, I do the unexpected only when absolutely necessary. This was the time.” 
–Grace Madison

“As a creature of habit, I do the unexpected only when absolutely necessary. This was the time.” –Grace Madison

Maggie Madison is a hydrologist from America working in Israel’s West Bank on a water project who is bound, gagged, and later rolled into a worn rug listening to her captors discuss their plans to make Maggie disappear. She has knowledge of their plot to steal and store water in ancient aquifers and sell the water back to the countries they stole it from at astronomical prices. Grace Madison, Maggie’s mother, is made aware of the abduction and rushes to save her daughter by shooting the assassin assigned to Maggie after reaching the desert compound where she is held. After the daring rescue, Grace and Maggie are recaptured because of the knowledge each has regarding the water pilferage into repaired ancient underground aquifers located in three different areas of the Middle East West Bank.

Grace leaving garbled messages for her husband Mark, at home in Colorado, and he not able to reach Grace or Maggie for a week gives Mark reason to worry concerning their whereabouts. Mark contacts his son Jeff who contacts his ex-girlfriend Rebecca who works for British Intelligence to search for his mother and sister. Mark and Jeff embark on a mission to locate and rescue Grace and Maggie with the aid of associates in America and Israel, but not before distant family relationships are bonded and surprise information surfaces concerning each member of the Madison family. Can this family of four stop the sinister plot to hold needed water from the Middle East as hostage before it starts a World War between the dry and barren countries?

When Camels Fly is an interesting fictional story concerning the water distribution in the Middle East told with action, adventure, suspense, humor, and a lesson in word definitions. Included in the novel is a list of author’s definitions for terms used in the Middle East applied to the book for appropriate meaning. I recommend to readers of action, adventure, suspense, and family relationships genres knowing you will not be disappointed.

I received this book free from Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA)/Ridge Route Press through Net Galley reviewer program for an unbiased honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

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