Monday, August 11, 2014


“The best thing for that girl is to just move on—
and know we’re here for her.” –Robin Sinclair
“I think we should go find the bitch and key her car.” –Jackie Kittridge

Jackie Kittridge and Robin Sinclair have different views on handling the recent situation of their friend Lara Kearns and the devastating breakup of Lara and her live-in boyfriend. Lara believes something is missing in the relationship deciding to call it quits but before she has the chance, her boyfriend leaves Lara a note explaining he is seeing someone else and will move out by the time Lara comes home from work.

Lara Kearns is not the only one in the group with problems that need handling or decisions that need to be made regarding the current situations in their lives. Robin Sinclair is currently a pregnant single mom who has a wedding to arrange and Jackie Kittridge is second-guessing her marriage and the relationship she has with her husband. Claire Linley is married and trying her best to become pregnant to no avail while Sophie Wharton has her own bakery shop and soon will need help to run the daily operations and Emily Saunders who is single currently works for Sophie but will soon leave on a backpacking expedition for a while. All these women come together in solidarity to encourage one another in the name of sisterhood.

When Girlfriends Let Go is an adventure of the camaraderie of a group of women who support each other during their time of difficulty. The characters and problems written about in this novel are believable and many will identify with the situations presented even the spoiled and drama queen Jackie. I recommend to all chick lit readers, as it is an easy and enjoyable read over a weekend or beach vacation.

I received this book free through CLP Blog Tours in exchange for an unbiased opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

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