Wednesday, September 24, 2014

PAST PRETENSE by Sharon Short

Past Pretense is a novel set in the 1990’s and begins with a nightmare that awakens Gigi Lafferty in the early hour morning remembering an appointment with PI Patricia Delaney who is someone from her past days as an exotic dancer. Gigi is being threatened with exposure of working at Poppy’s Parrot under the assumed name of Loretta King and needs Delaney’s help to find information another person might get hold of regarding her past life without alerting her husband Neil . Gigi goes to Delaney’s office expecting to be recognized but is relieved that the PI has no idea as to her real identity and contracts her services.

Patricia is an ex-bouncer from Poppy’s Restaurant turned private investigator and wonders about Gigi’s unusual request and feels there is something familiar with Gigi’s personality and characteristics.

Jessica is Gigi’s friend from Poppy’s Parrot who lands employment with Neil Lafferty’s company only to discover embezzlement and fraud deciding to blackmail the responsible parties causing danger to Gigi, Patricia, and herself.

Past Pretense has a good story line and plot with a few surprise twists and turns that usually does not happen in crime dramas, which created suspense and mystery. The only drawback was the superfluous descriptive thoughts and narrative without dialogue causing a break in anticipation of the novel’s next actions. I recommend to amateur book sleuths in the genres of mystery, suspense, and crime drama seeking a good read for an easy afternoon on a lazy weekend.

I received this book free from the Story Cartel reviewer program in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

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