Friday, September 26, 2014

TRIED & TRUE, Wild at Heart, Book One by Mary Connealy

Kylie Wilde and her sisters homestead their land as boys keeping their identity as women secret to keep the special exemption earned serving in the Civil War as boys. Kylie is finishing a repair in the roof of her house when she slips and falls into the arms of Aaron Masterson, a land agent. Kylie’s secret is uncovered by Aaron who offers his assistance so that Kylie may keep her land from nemesis Gage Coulter who tries bullying her into giving up the land resulting in the unveiling of more secrets leaving the Wilde girls fighting for their very existence.

 Aaron tries to keep his personal feelings for Kylie at bay as he configures a plan to help Kylie remain and maintain the farm she worked so hard to claim. Kylie wants the charade to end longing to wear dresses as her real gender portrays and tries to convince her sisters to do the same after discovery of the cover-up.

Tried & True is an enjoyable read with a good story line plot that is very similar to stories of the women who actually disguised themselves as boys and or men to fight in the Civil War. Reading the novel, you learn the restrictive laws that were in place against women, directive pertaining to women landowners and those who profited from those rules and regulations. Having read other novels by Mary Connealy, this one had a little more descriptive narrative than the others did, that for me, deterred my attention away from the book. Nevertheless, I recommend to historical fiction, drama, and historical romance book lovers to add on their list of novels to read next.

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