Friday, October 24, 2014

BULLETS AND FIRE by Joe Lansdale

“We’re gonna drive by, and then when they think it’s over, we’re gonna come back on them.” 

Tray, who is a loner with no family, wants to get in good with Billy and Juan to join their gang so Tray beats up a girl and takes her wallet to prove he has what it takes to be a gang member. Once Tray passes the test, he must interview with the leader “Headmaster” and pass yet another test, one of bravery and stamina against the other gang members in an initiation brawl. Tray completes the initiation with flying colors and embarks on a killing spree never to be forgotten….

Bullets and Fire is a short story packed with plenty of punch and action in just the right places. Joe Lansdale does not disappoint in this tale of a man who no longer has a loving family fulfilling a long awaited release of frustration and loneliness within himself. Included at the end of this book is an excerpt of The Big Blow historical novella, which is also an enjoyable and fun read. This novella is for book lovers of fast action and drama who loves a good shoot-‘em-up, bang-bang read. 

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