Saturday, November 8, 2014


Kate Sherwood is in the business of marketing living in a big city when her grandmother, Sally Fuller, decides to vacation at the resort she and her husband stayed fifty years ago before his passing and invites Kate as her travelling companion. Once arriving at Rainbow’s End, Kate is more than disappointed with the resort and its deteriorating appearance wishing she had never agreed to stay for a month’s time. Kate is surprised when she meets the assumed handyman Greg whom she immediately has interest but seeking a relationship is not on her things to do list. As the days slowly pass by, Rainbow’s End with its beautiful surroundings begin to grow on Kate and her feelings for Greg intensify.

Things become a little complicated when Kate has to make a decision regarding her job and a promotion she has been waiting for arises. Does she go home or stay where love is?

At Bluebonnet Lake is a story of love in the right place with rich beautiful scenery as a backdrop. The novel has great description narrative but I felt the story was drawn out just a little bit too long but still an enjoyable read. I recommend to romantics whose hearts are as big as Texas in which the setting is placed.

I received this book free from Revell Publishing in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

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