Sunday, November 30, 2014


Zondervan publishes many bibles to enhance your journey, understanding, and strengthen your faith of the teachings and works of Jesus Christ during the ancient eras of our time. This particular bible supports leaders of the faith community through daily readings and words of encouragement to press forward spreading the Word of Christ to all.

Each daily reading has one scripture from the Old Testament, New Testament, verses from the Book of Proverbs or Book of Psalms, and a scripture related reflections for a short devotional. Further enhancing daily readings is a yearly reading plan, canonical index, and a Table of Weights and Measurements. There are no sermons added only a short reflective devotional paragraph to increase or provoke thoughts pertaining to strengthening your faith in God.

NIV Once-a-Day Bible for Leaders is a great tool for additional daily bible reading to encourage leaders in the faith community as they teach the Word of Christ to Christian followers  and for the layman who spreads the Word to friends and people wanting to know more about the Christian faith. I recommend to leaders of congregations, bible and home study groups, and anyone wanting to strengthen their walk with God.

I received this bible from BookLook Bloggers review program in exchange for an honest 
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