Sunday, November 23, 2014

PREACHING BY EAR by Dave McClellan with Karen McClellan

“Preaching by ear is this: speaking from personally held, deep convictions in a way that enables our words to unfold in the moment by considering the actual people present with us. We are well-prepared, but we’re not certain exactly how it will come out of our mouths.” -Dave McClellan

Dave McClellan with Karen McClellan have comprised  a ‘how-to’ on preaching by ear from within to the outside showing that true preaching should be lead by the inner spirit leading to an unscripted sermon. The book gives insight to present day preparation that Pastors use for weekly Sunday congregational sermons which sometimes includes fully written sermons to completely memorizing whatever is written.

Preaching by Ear shares history on homiletics citing Saint Augustine and Marcus Fabius Quintilianus as having great influence in teaching skilled oratory communication without the use of memorialized or written speech.
The book also discusses the fear of some preachers to speak from within as the quote above states, “not certain exactly how it will come out of our mouths.” In my opinion, this should not be a concern if what is spoken comes from within through the Spirit of God.

Another point in this book discusses the importance of ‘preaching by ear’ your personal trials and tribulations that people can relate in their own lives and understand that the deliverer of the sermon is not just talking, they are sharing the same experience as yourself.

This book is a good starting point to learn more regarding preaching from within to the outside that is not just for Pastors or teachers of faith but also for the layman to understand how the Word should be presented to a faithful following.

I will end my review with another quote from Preaching by Ear:

“Preaching by ear, from the inside out, pushes me toward stronger internal character and internally driven sermons. When it’s risky or scary, it opens us up to that kind of help Jesus talked about when the words will be given to us as a gift, and not from our own wit. Keep on preaching like that.”
–Dave McClellan
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