Wednesday, November 5, 2014

SAFE & SOUND by T.S. Krupa

Jill and Jay have been happily married for two years when Jay goes for a morning run only to be struck by a vehicle resulting in dependence upon life support devices with Jill making one of the hardest decisions in her life. Jill make the hard choice to remove life support and the journey of mourning takes over her happy outlook on life.

Harry, Jay’s best friend, is helpful to Jill in the grievance process until he makes a forward move and reveals the love he has for her and wants to pick up where Jay left off in their marriage. Jill rejects his advances causing Harry in his wayward thoughts that with a little convincing there still may be a chance for him and Jill to be together. While Harry’s confession of love was startling, Jill discovers that Jay kept certain secrets that become increasingly shocking as they are slowly revealed to her.

SSafe & Sound is a story of grievance, friendship, and love that never ends when a spouse passes on. The storyline and plot are good but for one reason or another, I could not connect with the main character Jill’s grieving process and the way her character could not perform the necessary and normal functions of planning a funeral, that part seemed too unreal. I am recommending this novel for romance genre readers who will find it easy to read in a few hours time.
I received this book free from Masquerade Tours in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

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