Monday, November 17, 2014


Katherine is preparing for her debut to society with the help of her aunt when the scandal of a family secret hampers her hopes of finding a proper husband to secure her future. Katherine decides afterward to perform volunteer work in the poor neighborhood of London’s East End beginning a friendship with Jonathan while strengthening her relationship with God. A new man of less social standing appears in Katherine’s life causing important decisions that she must make between the two men, her own social status, and whether to continue helping those who are less disadvantaged.

The theme of this novel is familiar with hard choices and decisions tearing into the heart of a young woman who has the family pressure of being a lady of society without regard to her own feelings. The novel is satisfactory but moved rather slowly reaching a conclusion with its many sub-plots causing me to occasionally put the book down and pick it up again. Nonetheless, this is a good story for historical romance, drama, and family relationship themed book lovers to read over a nice and cozy weekend day.

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