Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Collette is on the run and moves into the apartment of a woman named Nikki who disappeared and has not been seen for a few weeks. Nikki’s belongings are still in place that include clothes, a television and all other personal effects a person would have if living in a humble studio apartment house. Nikki’s neighbor and friend Cher believes Nikki left in a hurry due to the fact she was not able to pay her rent for the month-to-month dwelling.
Meanwhile, The Lover is busy buying supplies and tools for his project that he is working on with several women victims he keeps in his apartment without the knowledge of the other residents and already has his eye on another ‘girlfriend’ he plans on getting to know a little better.

Okay first let me say that I did not finish this novel being it reminded of a movie I once saw and changed the channel because I knew it would cause me to have unwanted nightmares and that is how I felt about this book. Now with that said, it should not stop you from reading this novel because of my not wanting nightmares but as I read Chapter 14 I could not go on with all the intimate details The Lover describes about his victims. I cannot state this novel is a bad book but that it is worth the read for those who like all the gory details in murder and suspense drama stories that I cannot stomach. Enjoy!

I received this book free from Penguin Group through the Net Galley reviewer program for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

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