Tuesday, November 11, 2014

TRIPPING THROUGH by Michelle Lara Morgan

“We first meet our 29-year-old accountant in her loud (the fire alarm is going off) and smoky (she’s trying to bake) kitchen. During the chaos, Karly is dumped because of misunderstandings over a divorce lawyer she didn’t hire and an affair she didn’t have. This comes just weeks after performing a very efficient audit on a company…that wasn’t actually a client.”

Karly is clumsy and gets into unfortunate situations constantly but always sees a silver lining for the mishaps that happen upon her. Her friend, Nik, plays a joke on Karly signing her up for a research study for clumsy people that Karly actually attends hoping to find reasons why she ends up in the middle of embarrassing circumstances. Will attending the group study help Karly find what she is looking for or will she find an equally clumsy friend to share friendship and love?

Tripping Through is a novel about good people who just happen to fall into not so good situations. All the time. Michelle Morgan writes her novel with plenty of humor and tackles the accident-prone syndrome some people deal with in their lives. The book will make you chuckle throughout and on occasion laugh out loud (pun intended). This novel is an easy read and enjoyable for a change of pace between drama and heavy issue themed books that you can read within two hours. I recommend to all genre readers if no more than to smile and laugh for a few hours out of the day.

I received this book free from CLP Blog Tours in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

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