Thursday, February 5, 2015

CLP BLOG TOURS presents STARTING FROM LOST by S.K. Wills Excerpt

The weight of his body wasn’t suffocating, and the feel of him wasn’t altogether unpleasant, merely foreign. She hadn’t been intimate with anyone in years, not since Jake. She tensed when she thought that name and focused back on Toby. His slow, even breathing was every bit as soothing as the warmth of his lips against her neck.

She didn’t fight her eyelids as they fluttered shut. And for a second, with her mind drifting in sleep and her heart seemingly unprotected, she let herself believe Toby was Jake.

Jake’s smile, the one he reserved only for her, formed so clearly in her mind, the longing to be in his arms so stark that she sighed and snuggled closer.

The sharp ache that came from remembering bloomed in her chest forcing her eyes to pop open.