Thursday, December 1, 2016

FRENCH FRY by Glynis Astie, Tikinou LLC

Pregnant, racing hormones, confined to a bed rest (I can relate) is all done in good humor as Sydney continues her adventure with ‘Prince Charming.”

Even though I have never been married, I have heard horror stories regarding ‘mother-in-laws’. Sydney’s mother-in-law is no different as she embarks on her new life with Louis and handling her first adventure with becoming a mother.

Some women dream of finding their ‘prince charming’ and remain in marital bliss forever, while others do not. After reading Sydney’s journey, you may want to re-visit whether or not you believe in “finding my Prince Charming and living happily ever after.” This third installment in the French Twist series is inspired by Glynnis Astie’s personal life and well written.

I suggest reading the previous novels, French Twist #1 and French Toast #2, to get a full understanding how Sydney started on her fairyland adventure. I recommend to all avid readers of romance novels alike.

I received this complimentary novel from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased opinion.

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