Monday, December 11, 2017

Is Genesis History? (DVD) Hosted by Del Tackett, Creator of "The Truth Project"

Questions asked in Is Genesis History? - DVD film are: Did God create the world in a few or billions of years? Did we descend from apes or created instantly? Was there a great flood? Is Genesis really history?

Steve Austin PhD, Geologist-Grand Canyon shares information that 17 different advances and retreats of the ocean extended over time creating the Grand Staircase. Sandstone, limestone, and granite layers were created through the power of water on a colossal scale wherein a lot of water rushed through in a very little time.

Conventional paradigm and Genesis paradigm is billions of years created during a time period versus six days of creation which was already a work in progress.

Andrew Snelling, SP Crater and Sedona, Arizona relays that you cannot use present day rate processes to understand how quickly and majestically the scale the geological record accumulated.

Explained in the film are 5 Epochs that describe the First Epoch as the creation, which took six days. The Second Epoch was the Edenian period of Adam and Eve, the Third Epoch was the Ante-Diluvian period, which was before the flood after the fall of man. Each epoch has different critters, plants, and continents that changed position. The flood brought radical change to the earth. The Fourth Epoch was the Post-Flood that created the Ice Age (consequence of the heating of water during the flood). This is in turn created the enormous volcanoes with earthquakes continuing adjustment.  Earth is still in the recovery process from the flood. The Fifth Epoch is what they call the Modern Epoch referring to “ ‘speaking’ to the rocks while studying the Bible to see evidence of prior worlds.”

Christian Movies are one thing, but the geological science findings in this movie are astounding from my point of view. I had to watch it twice to make sure I understood the astronomical information in relation to the Bible. There are several scientists from different fields such as Geologists, Hebraist, Philosopher of Science, Paleontologists, Taphonomist, Microbiologists, Marine Biologist, Biologist, Astronomer, Archeologist, and a Pastor adding their professional knowledge of the subject in this film.

I definitely recommend to all believers who want a clearer picture of the beginning from the standpoint of scientific experts that enhances the Book of Genesis, and for those who will refute the evidence found as well. I truly enjoyed the information contained within this film.

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