Monday, May 28, 2018

The Full Armor of God: Are You Sure You Got Dressed Today? by Crista Crawford, Planted in Him Publishing

““You are completely and utterly alone.” Satan celebrates 
when we check into the “Isolation Hotel” knowing 
we will experience an evening of despair and misery. 
During my windfall of attacks, 
I may have checked in for one too many nights.” 
-Crista Crawford, p.3-4

Crista Crawford shares her personal and up-close experiences with life. She explains how she dressed in full armor to counter attack the unwanted advances of Satan.

Chapter 1 entitled The Naked Truth begins the journey and story of Crista leading to each piece of armor worn in subsequent chapters two through seven, ending with Chapter 8 and how the war was won.

Chapter 2 asks the question “What are the qualities you value in the people within your inner circle?” Honestly, have ever asked yourself that question and arrive in a satisfied place? Most would probably say yes because of the trust in the relationship. 

One of many of the best parts read in this book is on page 125, About the Author. It states, “Crista Crawford is an imperfect Christian writing about her perfect God.” (I love it!)

Further in the very last paragraph of the book:

          “Our stories are meant to be shared because our testimonies
          have the power to light the path for those who are still struggling
          in the dark. What we overcome may be the very foundation for
          others to use as their stepping stone.”

How great is that? Some of the best inspiration written I have read in a while.

I  highly recommend to everyone looking for inspiration to move forward no matter what comes in his or her path. Get suited and booted and prepare for battle with your full armor of God.

I received this book from Book Crash Reviewer Program in exchange for an honest review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

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