Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Start Writing Your Book Today by Morgan Gist Macdonald, Paper Raven Books Publishing

"You'll find Start Writing Your Book Today most useful if you want
to write a book, but you aren't clear about exactly what the book
 will be about. I'll provide exercises to give you clarity."  
 -Morgan Gist Macdonald, Introduction

Morgan Gist Macdonald shares her experience and gives steps to write a book while staying focused and keep on track. Most importantly, "preventing self-sabotage," in Chapter Two.
She asks in Chapter Three: Good Writing Habits, "Do you want to write a book, or don't you?" ...If your answer is, "Not right now, but maybe later," put down this book, because it's not worth your time.  When you're ready, you can always come back to it." Macdonald is not afraid to say put her book down because she is being straightforward and to the point about serious writing, and for this, I applaud her honesty.

There are learning opportunities pertaining to writing routines, creating word count goals, journaling, prioritizing, creating rough drafts, and contacting beta readers. I have never written a book but am considering using a journal to jot down ideas just in case I get that urge to share thoughts on a particular subject.

Macdonald added three appendixes for resources, tracking your progress, and creating a reverse outline with two outline sample texts following right after and a feedback table.

Start Writing Your Book Today is good to have on your shelf to start writing that great novel, biography, or how-to book you have been pushing to the back of everything else.

Recommending to persons contemplating taking on the task of writing a book to share with public. There are excellent points, resources and useful
Charts that a budding writer can find helpful.

Free audio book is located, plus an email to share your writings with Morgan Gist Macdonald.

I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Volcanic Momentum: Getting Things Done by Setting Destiny Goals, Mastering the Energy Code, and Never Losing Steam, Archangel Ink

As good as he is with words, his primary goal
is to help people live a life of less talk and more action.
Volcanic Momentum: About the Author, page 165 and Back Cover

Volcanic Momentum by Jordan Ring put in print by publishing a motivational book to keep goal-setters juices flowing from start to the finish line. He begins with sharing his personal experiences and a simple explanation of volcanic momentum to peak the readers interest. I placed a few bookmarks to share with my audience some of the strategies Ring used to help people get back on their feet and finish their goal.

Strategy #3, Page 71: The #1 Enemy of Momentum: Wasted Time and How to Avoid It
All of us waste time at one time or another for whatever reason we tell ourselves that it is okay. Well, it is not okay. During this down-time you can accomplish small or large goals depending on how much time is wasted.

Strategy #4, Page 77: The Importance of Community for Sustaining Momentum
Ever heard of “it takes a village?” This strategy suggests you can seek out a mentor, join a mastermind group in addition to giving back to others. You can discuss goals with a friend or family member over coffee to get feedback and criticism on your basic idea.

“People make things happen. People change the world. Get involved with other people and you will blow the lids off all your goals.” (page 85)  Further into the book, Jordan Ring asks the question “Are you willing to bet on you?”(page 125) There are bonuses included by signing up through email:
#1-List of 100 Destiny Goal Ideas
#2-Momentum Strategy Guide
#3-25 Journal Prompts

I recommend to all persons wasting time doing nothing to read this motivational book.  I appreciate the time and effort Ring put into this book because I followed a few goal settings and got back on track with my book blog. I am not going to say which ones I used, you will have to read for yourself. Believe me, it is worth it and feels great to get those  “volcanic momentum” juices flowing again.

I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

this i KNOW, Trusting Your Unknown Future To A Known God by Laura Dingman, Moody Publishers

“When so much is unknown, we need to refocus on what is known-
-about our God and His Word”.
Laura Dingman, A Note From the Author

This I KNOW is a 4-6 week bible study guide that Laura Dingman incorporates bible scriptures, personal experiences, and learning opportunities.  Each of the six chapters begins with an introduction followed by five days of study in one week. Every day the bible study ends with a “Prayer for the Day” that the participant reads and is encouraged to create prayer of their choosing. Lastly, the “Journaling Prompt” is where questions are asked of the reader to prepare a written response.

In Week 2 – Day 2, you are introduced to the.”SOAP study method of engaging with Scripture.”  SOAP is Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. The study guide also includes poems and prayers from people of different backgrounds such as a bishop, a Christian King and a Christian Author.

Dingman explores the uneasiness of not knowing where your future is heading, but gives reassurance to Christian followers through discussion and studying bible scripture. She discusses the difference between gnosis (what is known-knowledge) and epignosis (what is definitely known-definite and full knowledge).

Laura Dingman’s this I KNOW is a great way to study the Bible and either begin or continue journaling. I recommend to all bible study persons on an individual and or group setting.

This book was provided to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions Guidelines.

Because He Lives-A Devotional Journal for Easter by Jennifer Flanders, Prescott Publishing

Because He Lives-A Devotional Journal for Easter
by Jennifer Flanders, Prescott Publishing 

“As you work your way through these pages and you consider the unsurpassing riches of His grace, I pray your heart will sing with mine, “Hallelujah! What a Savior!” –Jennifer Flanders, Introduction, page 1

Because He Lives is a devotional journal that begins with ‘Christ’s Coming Foretold, that uses scriptures throughout from the New King James (NKJV), New American Standard Bible (NASB), God’s Word Translation (GWT), King James (KJ), and English Standard Bible (ESB) bibles. There is a space to write your thoughts and prayers with delightful drawings pertaining to each captioned page.

Included in the journal is the” Passion Week: Who Said What? Quiz” that includes 20 statements and triggers definite thinking. The drawings and Bible scriptures on each page encourages what you believe to be your beliefs and views on the subject and or topic at hand. The page header captions are cleverly written with style form the inspiration of Bible scripture. Naming a few: Born to Die, Betrayed with a Kiss, No Fault in This Man, It is Finished, and Why are You Weeping? Further, into the journal, there is mention of eight crowns, being one of righteousness and another of knowledge.

Flanders put a lot of thoughtfulness into this Easter journal for everyone to ponder and enjoy at leisure. The recommendation, for all who loves journaling from thought provoking scripture and beautiful drawings.

I received this book in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines through the Book Crash reviewer program in exchange for an honest review. 

NKJV, Vines Expository Bible, A Guided Journey Through the Scriptures with Pastor Jerry Vines By Jerry Vines, Thomas Nelson Publishers

The Vines Expository Bible, A Guided Journey Through the Scriptures 
with Pastor Jerry Vines

So, with the prayer that you will experience the same abounding joy 
I did as a nine-year-old boy, I invite you to begin your journey through 
The Vines Expository Bible!
- Pastor Jerry Vines, Letter of Greeting 

Pastor Jerry Vines is a well renowned “Baptist pastor and teacher for over 60 years” (inside back cover). He has taken on the task of adding his interpretations of Bible Scripture through “Introducing’ (each book of the Bible); “Discerning the Message,” along with “Applying the Message” and “Living the Message.” I chose a small scripture to give an idea of what was learned while perusing the The Vines Expository Bible.
          (15) “who show the work of the law written in their hearts, their
          conscience also bearing witness, and between themselves
their thoughts accusing or else excusing (them) (16) in the day when God will judge the secrets of men by Jesus Christ, according to my gospel.”

          Discerning the Meaning – Romans 2:15

Heart The original form of the Greek word kardia, means “to quiver” or “to palpitate,” denoting the action of the heart muscle. Our word cardiac has its origins here. This word refers specifically to the heart organ but more generally to the center of life and the seat of thoughts, morality, and emotion. Kardia makes no separation between the physical boy and the soul—both are encapsulated in one word. All the actions of one’s inner life take place in the heart, including personality, mental activity, feelings, understanding and will (Rom. 2:15). The Lord sees the thoughts and intentions of the heart, and he dwells within our heats through faith.

Pastor Vines shares his knowledge on applying discernment to scripture and explains in a way that is easily understood. “Applying the Message – Romans 3:22)” …So, rather than asking, do you believe, my question to you is in whom do you believe? Have you placed your trust in Jesus Christ?

The Vines Expository Bible is a good Bible to add to any collection already in use and an excellent addition to your regular Bible(s) and recommended to all seeking deeper knowledge and discernment of Bible Scripture.

I received this book from Thomas Nelson Publishing, in accordance with Federal Trade Commission Guidelines, in exchange for an honest review through the Book Reviewer Program.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

From Glory to Glory by Bob Santos, Search for Me Media, 199 pages

      "Why was the contrast between Jesus on the throne of Heaven 
and Jesus on the cross so extreme?" 
Bob Santos, page 32      
From Glory to Glory, Finding Real Significnace in an Image-Driven World by Bob Santos is a forty-day devotional walking you through a journey of discovery (back cover). As I began to read this devotional, interest was lost as I read quotes from known racist and anti-semitic persons. The concentration was gone while the awful atrocities of Hitler and the Nazis are referred to as being glorious in the eyes of many.

Santos also implies that Elvis was a glory seeker and further seeking need for approval. Yes, glory seekers are addicted to notoriety and fame but using HItler and Elvis as examples was a bit much for me. 

Maybe I will take the time to re-read this devotional again without such harsh judgment and try to look beyond the quotes of certain persons.

I received this book from the Book Crash Reviewers Program in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines. 

Santos also implies that Elvis was a glory seeker and further seeking need for approval. Yes, glory seekers are addicted to notoriety and fame but using HItler and Elvis as examples was a bit much for me. Maybe I will take the time to re-read this devotional again without such harsh judgment and try to look beyond the quotes of certain persons.

I received this book from the Book Crash Reviewers Program in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Our Newlywed Kitchen, The Art of Cooking, Gathering, and Creating Traditions by Laura Schupp, Tyndale Publishers

“Encourage and inspire the new couple by adding a prayer 
or offer of best wishes, wisdom learned from your own enduring marriage, 
trusted family recipes, and time-honored traditions. 
Let your hand written messages continue to bless them for years to come.”
 –Laura Schupp, page 3

Laura Schupp created an amazing compilation of  “a guide, a planner, and a tutorial.” She begins with a few thoughts on generational cultural changes and the differences women faced in each generation era.

There are not enough complimentary adjectives to describe this incredible wedding gift book. The layout of this book is beautifully arranged with pictures and fonts. Our Newlywed Kitchen is the one of a kind wedding gift any bride and groom can appreciate. The messages and recipes from family and friends is what will make this a rich and heartfelt gift for years to come. Definitely, it could be passed down through many generations.

Our Newlywed Kitchen covers everything from before and after your nuptials including the registry, checklists for the kitchen, grocery shopping, selection of dinnerware, recipes and much more.

I recommend this book for everyone wanting to give that special one of a kind wedding gift or giving to newlyweds which you missed or could not attend the wedding. This is an excellent choice of gift giving.

I received this book from the Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Discipled by Jesus: Your Ongoing Invitation to Follow Christ by Robert Gelinas, NavPress in alliance with Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

"Walk with Robert Gelinas as he demonstrates through the Scriputres that Jesus himself is our pastor, our teacher, and our leader in the great commission. Jesus' living leadership of our lives allows us to approach each day with joyful anticipation and expectant hope."
- Backcover, Discipled by Jesus

Discipled by Jesus, Your Ongoing Invitation to Follow Christ by Robert Gelinas is a book filled with thoughts, experiences, and discussions. There are numerous scriptures in this book that the author quotes leaving more of a bible study reading than discussion.

One example, in Chapter Five: Learning to Pray in the Spirit has over thirty bible scriptures within twenty-two pages. This is what going to a bible study class does to help you learn the Word. I would liked to have seen more discussion and personal experiences, or maybe take less scriptures and discuss them at length.

At one point, Gelinas refers to a previous book he authored left me thinking maybe he wants me to purchase his other book. There is a place for that in the end pages of any book.

Although my particular view of this book not being up to par, I still recommend for those who are seeking more understanding of being a follower of Christ. There are more than enough scripture references to research from this book.

I received this book from Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for an honest opinion in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission guidelines. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

The Full Armor of God: Are You Sure You Got Dressed Today? by Crista Crawford, Planted in Him Publishing

““You are completely and utterly alone.” Satan celebrates 
when we check into the “Isolation Hotel” knowing 
we will experience an evening of despair and misery. 
During my windfall of attacks, 
I may have checked in for one too many nights.” 
-Crista Crawford, p.3-4

Crista Crawford shares her personal and up-close experiences with life. She explains how she dressed in full armor to counter attack the unwanted advances of Satan.

Chapter 1 entitled The Naked Truth begins the journey and story of Crista leading to each piece of armor worn in subsequent chapters two through seven, ending with Chapter 8 and how the war was won.

Chapter 2 asks the question “What are the qualities you value in the people within your inner circle?” Honestly, have ever asked yourself that question and arrive in a satisfied place? Most would probably say yes because of the trust in the relationship. 

One of many of the best parts read in this book is on page 125, About the Author. It states, “Crista Crawford is an imperfect Christian writing about her perfect God.” (I love it!)

Further in the very last paragraph of the book:

          “Our stories are meant to be shared because our testimonies
          have the power to light the path for those who are still struggling
          in the dark. What we overcome may be the very foundation for
          others to use as their stepping stone.”

How great is that? Some of the best inspiration written I have read in a while.

I  highly recommend to everyone looking for inspiration to move forward no matter what comes in his or her path. Get suited and booted and prepare for battle with your full armor of God.

I received this book from Book Crash Reviewer Program in exchange for an honest review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.

Believe Boldly: The Power of Simple, Confident Prayer to Unleash the Supernatural by Erica Willis, Chosen Books

“That morning I finally came to understand that my life had become a series of safe encounters with God – calculated, formulated, (under)whelming.
I could not stand it anymore. It had to change.”  -Erica Willis

Erica Willis takes off the gloves and gives it to you head on to believe boldly living through faith, fasting, prayer and reading the Word.

Believe Boldly is presented in three sections. Part One: My Doubting Heart; Part Two: God’s Perfect Truth; Part Three: A Spiritual Launching Pad. Willis gives insight to building or reclaiming your faith in God by sharing personal experiences, scriptures, and thought provoking questions at the end of each chapter (Check Your Pulse).

Interesting sub-headings such as God is Not a How-to Book, The Overflow Valve, The Sneaky Gardener, and The Battle is Real correlate well with the book’s intended topic. The topic of fasting is also covered in the way to boldly believe.

Conveying the message to believe boldly is straightforward in approach and leads to soul searching for a way to revive or strengthen the relationship between yourself and God.

Recommending to believers of faith to further enhance or renew their prayer and fasting techniques. I received this book from Chosen Books Reviewer Program in exchange
for an honest review in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission Guidelines.