Saturday, March 29, 2014


Galacia, a planet in the galaxy, has exiled a seven-member cartographer team for treason. They are forced to live on a barren Earth with their immediate families, friends of the elite team, and anyone who has a bloodline connection. Ancient Earth is the prison where people are sent for their crimes against Galacia. They soon form a new city among themselves. Soon after, there is dissention in the ranks. Most of the original seven-members break away to create their cities and laws in another section of the global prison.

One hundred years later the Galacian Council still feels threaten. The Council sends a vessel of elite combat team to Earth. They have orders to annihilate any remaining descendants with the bloodline of the original cartographer team. They succeed in killing over 84,000 people.

Fast forward to England, July 1964. James Wood is returning home from Berwick Hills Boarding School for Boys. While traveling, he meets Mr. Murphy. James feels there is something strange about him, but after holding conversation, he becomes comfortable. Arriving in Mexico City to meet his father at an excavation site, he participates in the dig and finds a rare coin. It is from the first settlers of the original Aztecs. James does not know the history of the coin he found. When the founded tombs are blasted, James’ father is killed. James leaves the site with his father’s belongings to his Uncle Ben’s home in Whetstone Hay. Uncle Ben has built a ‘moon flyer’ in his backyard. He hopes one day that it will take him to moon. That one day comes sooner than he or James thinks. That goes as well as for them and James father’s friend, Simbanda.

Zach Alexander’s science fiction novel is an easy read. The story line is good but I felt there was too much description. The outer space adventure could have been edited a little. I recommend this book to the avid science fiction reader.

I received this book free from the author, Zach Alexander, for an unbiased review. 

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