Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Essence of Living Faith-Real Live Christianity by Michael Gifford, Hopkins Publishing

“…there is a marked difference between what God wants and what man wants to give Him.” This statement from Mr. Gifford’s book is part of living faith as he enlightens the reader. It is living by the Word of God through faith and giving what He wants us to give, and not how we want to live and give to Him.

Living faith is further defined as “expansive, extensive, and expensive.” It is “expansive by continually growing, extensive with many elements, and expensive by costing those who have it their material belongings, time, abilities, and even their lives.”

I believe a person must read their Bible on a daily basis in order to become closer to God. You learn firsthand what He wants of us (to give), and how to live His Word (through faith). This will help you to better understand the essence of living faith.

One statement made by Mr. Gifford that I do not totally agree, “the fact that the “messages” and “visions” that some claim to receive from God today, often conflict proves that they are merely manifestations of active human imaginations. God speaks today through His written Word, the Bible, and no other way.”  I believe no one knows whom God speaks or gives a vision to individually. Yes, some may be proven wrong, but no one knows all things but God Himself.

Explaining living faith further, there is no doubt, worry, or fears in a Christian’s mind. Believing God’s Word, you will understand that these things are not of God. The only sub-topic in this book that does not go in-depth is repentance. It was discussed briefly in the last chapter.

Michael Gifford has a well-written and referenced study guide on living faith. Each chapter is followed with refresher tests and discussion questions. I recommend this book for individual and group study on faithful living.

I received this book from Hopkins Publishing through the Book Crash Reviewer Program for this unbiased review.

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