Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Father Donovan Fleming has just finished hearing a confession from a married woman. She is nervous about her pregnancy, and whether the baby belongs to her husband or her lover.

After she leaves, Father Fleming finds a blood stained baseball cap in the middle aisle of the church. He could hear someone calling his name, “Donovan Fleming”, the wind whispered. There was no one there. He was alone as he dropped to his knees. The Lord has healed me and washed away my sins. The voice laughed.”

When Father Fleming’s body is discovered, Detective James Wolf is ordered to the scene. He does not understand why, because he is in the narcotics division, not homicide. After a second murder is committed, Wolf is on the scene again. Somehow, the murders are connected. The flower found at Fleming’s murder scene, a black lotus, has appeared again.

Detective Wolf must find the real connection besides the flower. Neither victim knew each other. While Wolf is gathering evidence, a bothersome news reporter is on his heels. He tries to shake her, but she is persistent in drudging up ghosts from his past. How can he work his case and avoid her at the same time? Will he be able to locate and identify The Black Lotus assassin before their next move?

K’wan has plenty of suspense jumping right off the pages of this novel. It is well-written at a fast pace with intensity. The suspense is cutting edge and cunning. Even if you are on top of your sleuth game, you will not figure out the game players or assassin until the end. This novel is definitely worth pre-ordering. I recommend this novel to amateur sleuths as a challenge. Hats off to you K’wan, I was totally in the dark on this one.

I received this book free from Akashic Books through the Edelweiss Reviewer Program for an honest review.

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