Thursday, May 22, 2014

Finding Time to Follow Your Dreams by Tricia Goyer

Blogging for Books

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I have always had a love for reading, but didn't know it would lead me to blogging about books. I had a vast variety of novels that I had read, but after running out of space for my books, I decided to donate them to the Veterans of America Organization. When the representative came to retrieve the novels, he stood there for a moment gazing at the bags of  books. He asked me, "Are you sure you want to donate all these books?" I said, "Yes, I do." There were 12 bags of at least 20 books per bag. I helped him load them on the truck, along with a few other items. Afterward he said, "This is a good thing because more people need to read." 

A little time had passed and I was talking with my sister one day. She expressed her interest in starting a book blog, and I agreed to help her with the task. After a few days, my sister decided she did not have the time to invest in blogging. From that moment on, I started my own book review blog and have been blogging ever since. 

Since retiring, I have made this my new career and I truly enjoy it. I want to share with everyone the books I read and want them to pick up a book and read also. I am so elated with my new endeavor that I have begun to interview the authors of books that I am currently reading. This new journey is fulfilling a dream that I never knew I had. 

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